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Choosing Between a Dehumidifier and Home Air Purifier?

Dehumidifier and Home Air Purifier: How Do I Choose

The broad umbrella subject in question is about providing healthy, high-quality indoor air. People with allergies to pollens and seasonal changes will benefit from a dehumidifier and home air purifier. Children, especially, are often more susceptible to illnesses related to poor…

Solenco Multi-Stage Air Purifiers

Solenco Multi-Stage Air Purifiers

Solenco Multi-Stage Air Purifiers Air feeling a bit tight lately? Most of us can agree that the quality of air that we breathe is deteriorating rapidly. This is due to factory emissions, chemicals in the air and airborne diseases.…

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Benefits of Air Purifiers with a UV-C Light

Air Purifiers with a UV-C Light At Hirsch’s we stock only the best Air Purifiers, the HEPA filter is the next best thing. Air Purifiers with a UV-C light are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light to inactive airborne…