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Margaret's Must have's

The Fabulous Nutribullet

The Fabulous Nutribullet: The Nutribullet is practical, health boosting, quick and easy to use and clean. It is on Margaret Hirsch’s top ten must haves in the home. Why Margaret Loves Her Nurtibullet Margaret uses her bullet everyday whether…

5 Reasons To Buy A NutriBullet

5 Reasons To Buy A NutriBullet

Need something that will assist you with your health goals? here are 5 Reasons To Buy A NutriBullet. A Nutribullet  is probably one of the top health inducing products on the market today. It has the ability to extract food…

Superfood Root Soup.

Superfood Root Soup – NutriBullet SA

Superfood Root Soup – NutriBullet SA With cleansing properties and immune-boosting Vitamin C, Beetroot combines beautiful colour with a rich and earthy taste. On a cold winter’s night why not enjoy this delicious and healthy Superfood Root Soup. Ingredients:…

Strawberry Milk - NutriBullet , nutribullet, hirschs, hirschs homestore, hirsch's healthy living, health, milkshake, strawberries, strawberry

Strawberry Milk – NutriBullet

Strawberry Milk – NutriBullet Have you noticed that strawberries are becoming more readily available? We are now heading into strawberry season! Beyond their delicious sweet taste, strawberries offer a wide range of nutrients including Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants.…

Veggie Smoothie - NutriBullet, hirschs, nutribullet, veggies, smoothies, health, healthy lifestyle, online cooking, online recipes, health online

Veggie Smoothie – NutriBullet

Veggie Smoothie – NutriBullet Reach your daily fruit & veg quota with just one smoothie! This Veggie Smoothie is jam-packed with nutrients to kick off your week. Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Celery, raw 1/2 Cup Cucumber 1/2 Cup Carrot 1…

NutriBullet Oat Face Mask

NutriBullet Oat Face Mask

NutriBullet Oat Face Mask Everything you need for this NutriBullet Oat Face Mask is in your kitchen! Try this simple, 4-ingredient moisturising Oat Face Mask that contains acne-fighting ingredients like honey and oats. Ingredients: 1/4 Cup Yoghurt, plain, low-fat…

green breakfast bowl

Breakfast Bowl by NutriBullet

How good is your breakfast bowl game? We like to start the week off strong! Try this Mother Earth Green Smoothie bowl recipe. Ingredients:  2 Cups Spinach  1 Cup Kale – or chard  ½ Avocado  1 Banana, frozen  1…

WhatsApp Competition – NutriBullet 600 Series

Terms and Conditions do apply: – The winner will be required to take part in promotional activity ie. Photo of handover on social media platforms– There is a 3 week collection period from the winner announcement date. Should the…



This is such an exciting time of year for varsity and college students!  Either they are starting out in their first year of study or they are well seasoned digs dwellers.  Whether they’re moving into a digs with other…