Easy Sheet Pan Recipes And How To Make The Most Out Of Your Pans

Easy Sheet Pan Recipes And How To Make The Most Out Of Your Pans

Easy Sheet Pan Recipes And How To Make The Most Out Of Your Pans. Sheet Pans have become a kitchen necessity. Their simple design and functionality make them a great choice for an array of recipes. If you haven’t got this staple in your kitchen we highly recommend investing in one as you can easily whip up a healthy dinner in no time at all.

Jamie Oliver Heavy Duty Non-stick Baking Trays

The Jamie Oliver Heavy duty non-stick baking trays are great for a variety of oven uses, from baking to roasting and grilling. Because of the Quantum II non-stick coating it ensures easy release and quick clean up. The 1mm carbon steel ensures even heat distribution up to 240°C and browning. You will also lower the amount of oil needed for cooking as the non-stick coating prevents your food from sticking and burning.

Uses For The Sheet Pan

Move over cookies, sheet Pans can be used to create many wonderful recipes because of their convenient design. Some of our favourite recipes include Roasted Vegetable dishes, One pan dinners, spanakopita, focaccia, pizzafluffy sponge cake and roast meat. As the sheet pan comes with a raised edge it is perfect for roasting main meals without the oils and juices spilling over, catching the juices to make delectable gravies. It is also fantastic to put together a quick sheet pan cake for a birthday party or special gathering. As the pan is flat and raised it cuts down the cooking process by half. The sponge can then be cut and shaped into any design. Famous cake designers use this hack to create their master pieces because the pan creates the perfect size sponge to mould.

Sheet pans also work great for marinating meat and grilling on your braai. As they can withstand high heat, you can also use them on the braai for baking and grilling try this Mielie tart recipe at your next gathering. They can also double as kitchen organisers to organise ingredients and vegetables before cooking.


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